Ellie Maclin: Business, Brains, and Balance

Hi, and welcome to my writer's website. If you're here, you've taken an interest in my freelance abilities. Excellent! Welcome aboard.

On this site you'll find writing samples, my resume, and my freelancing background, along with a few awards and ratings I've picked up along the trail. But first, let me give you a glimpse of the woman behind the words.

I'm an archaeologist and businesswoman with a love of all things handmade (food, tools, clothing, children...). I am a passionate believer in sustainable living and green business models. I live with my husband and daughter on a historic Tennessee farm, surrounded by our small, muddy efforts to make a little dent in the dominant agribusiness paradigm. We grow our own vegetables (and some of our own meat); we sell at farmer's markets; and we are co-founders of the Mid-South Permaculture Institute. We live and breathe sustainable business practices, education, historic preservation, and the Do-It-Yourself ethic.

I'm also a lover of this big, overburdened system that is the American lifestyle. I thrive on smart comedy like The Daily Show and Colbert Report. I wrestle with my spending habits and have plenty of personal experience with the credit crisis. I sneak my guilty pleasures of celebrity gossip and fashion writing. And I thrive on writing for the 21st-Century Woman -- that tough, quick, woman-in-a-man's-world who pays the bills, keeps up with the news, gets the kids to bed on time (usually), and still manages to work out, all the while finding quiet ways to nurture the little girl inside who sometimes still wants to wear a tutu and a tiara (or just a pair of old cutoffs and bare feet)...

Read on! You'll find the professionally third-person blurbs under the "About Me" tab. My writing samples are available under the "Writing Samples" tab, and you can download my C.V. under the "Resume" tab.