Freelancing Background

Ellie Maclin is a freelance writer with ten years of professional writing experience. Prior to taking the freelance plunge, Ellie worked as a professional archaeologist and has a Master of Science in Archaeological Resource Management.

Ellie has written for Examiner.com since August 2010 as Memphis Historic Places Examiner, Memphis Buddhism Examiner, and National Dalai Lama Examiner. Her articles for Examiner.com focus on such topics as historic preservation, profiles of Memphis' historic (and prehistoric) places, meditation, and the international political scene surrounding Tibet.

Since January 2011, Ellie has also been a regular contributor to Suite101 and Demand Media Studios (DMS). Her Suite101 articles focus on the topics of health, news, education, and entertainment. Her DMS articles are varied but focus largely on green business, education, fund raising, and sustainable living, with occasional forays into the realms of crafting and home improvement.

Awards and Recognition

DMS regularly ranks Ellie's work as "Proficient," giving it a rating above 4 (out of 5) stars. Her strongest scores are in Research, meaning that her writing is some of the best-researched and best-supported content produced by DMS. At least 70% of her articles are approved by DMS as-is, with no necessary rewrites.

WriterAccess.com gives Ellie a 5-star rating out of 5 possible stars. The five-star level says:

These writers have it all. They are published authorities. They have a wide assortment of online content in their portfolio, client testimonials, and an expert grasp of the English language. Their writing is clear and concise. They understand writing content for search engines and human audiences, and they are active in the social media sphere. They have positioned themselves as experts in one or more fields and may have an advanced degree specializing in a certain kind of writing, such as technical, political, humor, medial, press release, whitepaper, case study, etc. They adhere to deadlines religiously.

Ellie is allowed to list academic writing as a skill on Elance, having passed the Academic Writing Exam with an "above average" score.